Moor Max?


Who is Max Renshaw anyway?

        Max Renshaw is a performer, songwriter and business owner. He’s a family guy who loves makin’ music and connecting with folks.  A seasoned performer who has proven time and again that he has what it takes to engage a crowd,  his versatile voice and fiery guitar artistry are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Max. 

The performer?  Max has an incredible selection of hits from the 1920’s to the present.  His “One Hit Wonder Review” has received rave reviews!  Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Swing, Jazz and Funk, Max does it all!  He doesn’t sound like a Rock guy tryin’ to do Country or a Blues guy tryin’ to Rock, any style he plays sounds authentic, like he was born for it.       

The songwriter?  Two of Max’s many songs have busted through the top 40 in the “National Christian Country” charts, “Prepare A Place” at #17 in November of 2011 and “Take Me” in March of 2011 on HMG Nashville comp disc. (Thanks HMG!)!   “Prepare A Place”  was also featured on the well received “Thank you Heroes” disc set!  Max was very proud to be selected by executive producer and entrepreneur, Brian Crabb who created a version for this project honoring our troops. Check it out!  Max’s own songs are always at the top of request list at his shows. Max says “It’s real humbling when your tryin’ this and that on a crowd to see what’s gonna work then, somebody request one of your own and folks bust out on the dance-floor, yep, real humbling…”

The business owner?  Capital Concepts Diversified LLC is Max’s company that houses RensongsBMI publishing publishing and songwriting affiliation with BMI. He also houses his single act, his band and “Rensounds Studios”.  Max has written and produced radio and television commercials that have been nationally aired. He has also written for and produced many projects encompassing Stock Market Techniques, Real Estate Investing, Retirement and Estate Planning, as well as education on Income Tax savings.  Max does ongoing work in these arenas. He has traveled across the country repeatedly. recording and producing presentations all geared toward the individual’s success.  Bring it up in conversation with him, see how long it takes him to shut up about it!  Max likes his work.