Max Renshaw



Hey! Your on Max Renshaw’s new under-construction website and he sure appreciates it!  You can find out more about ’em than you probably wanna know…In his own words:

Music is such a huge part of my life and connecting with folks
through my music is an incredible honor.  Through this page, I’ll get feedback that will inspire evolution with my band, as a single entertainer, songwriter and performer!  I want to hear from folks, this will be a great place for dialogue! This is Awesome!

             Max’s song “Prepare A Place”, a tribute to our troops was included in the “Thank You Hero’s” disc set ( and also reached #17 on the National Christian Country Charts!  Max’ song “Take Me” made it to a respectable #24 on the same!  Max has opened shows for Michael Martin Murphy of “Wildfire” fame, John Mayall and his New Blues Breakers and the late, great Johnny “Guitar” Watson in one of his last performances! Plus, many, many more!

With the debut of Max Renshaw long-awaited CD release, “Take Me”, Max has crossed a threshold into the mainstream that has embraced his passion, whether in his heartfelt songwriting, fiery guitar prowess or the break in his voice that pulls you in and captivates, it’s his sincerity that people are really responding to. The hard truths and sentiments that define our lives and our country are what drive Max to so eloquently convey emotions and feelings in his songs that touch and move us.
           Max says, “Though it’s important to have some fun with my music, I mean, I like to rock out as much as the next guy but, when it comes to the real important things in life, Liberty, family, faith and humanity, I get serious right quick! I have seen some of these song like “Take Me”, “Prepare A Place” and “How I Came Back” do important work bringing folks together in my family, community and with complete strangers. I’m very excited to see how they do as a result of this release getting out to the general public.” If you’re unfamiliar with Max and his music, it’s time to get acquainted. It’s a sure bet, you’ll be fast friends!